Science Fiction & Fantasy

City of Shattered Light coming 2021!

Just announced: Debut novel, CITY OF SHATTERED LIGHT, coming 2021!

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Cyborgs! Guns! Flirting! 🔥 Matriarchal crime syndicates! Heists!  Brain-tech interfaces! 🎮 Girls kissing girls! Girls kissing boys! 💋 Bass-pumping cyberpunk nightscapes! 🌃 Queer found family! Possessed murderous tech! 💀 Drugged bubblegum! Creepy labs! Organ piracy! ⚡️ Cute girls who are actually steel-and-silicon death machines!  Gravity-shifting gladiatorial pits! 🌆154-hour nights!

Updates to come! In the meantime, you can learn more about me here!

You know. Wishful thinking, right?
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