Author’s Note

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Author’s Note

& Content Warnings

City of Shattered Light is the unexpected, scrappy-underdog book of my heart, with characters who already feel like old friends and a world that still pervades my dreams. The book is infused with so many of my favorite things—a ride-or-die disaster team, crystal-scarred cityscapes with Final Fantasy vibes, enigmatic and bloodthirsty villains, and a violently-colored cyberpunk world teeming with danger and adventure.

But beneath the flashy firefights and banter, the story heads down some darker paths.

It’s ultimately a story about loss, survival, and found family. Riven’s a broken girl who hides the chip on her shoulder behind a sharp tongue and a pair of revolvers; Asa is a brilliant ex-heiress fleeing not only from bounty hunters, but from her deep, harrowing guilt.

This book is about rejecting the shape the world tries to force you into. It’s about discovering your truest self under pressure, and it’s about finding the people you’re willing to give up everything for.

Here’s a few questions I often get, and some content warnings below.

Does it have romance?
Not as the main plotline, but yes! The book contains a bisexual love triangle (M/F and F/F, with both girls as the POV characters—no melodrama, don’t worry) and some side M/M. It’s set in a future where queer romance and attraction are normalized. The two POV characters, Asa and Riven, are both unapologetically bisexual.

(there’s also a secret third POV chapter, but you’ll have to discover that for yourself 😉)

Will there be a sequel?
I really hope so! For now, it’s a standalone–but I will say that the sequel is written and I adore it. We won’t know whether it will be published until a few months after CoSL releases. So cross your fingers!

Is this adult or YA?
It’s being marketed and published as older YA (specifically for readers aged 14-18), but there’s definitely crossover appeal; it’s resonated with many adult readers as well!

Content/trigger warnings: strong language (3 f-bombs, if you’re curious), gun violence, death, blood, mild gore, emotional abuse/manipulation, mild body horror (cybernetics), references to suicide, terminal illness, drug and alcohol references.

And, if you’re worried about queer found family in a darker story, here’s a sorta-spoiler: I promise the gays don’t get buried here.

I can’t wait for this world to become yours, too.

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